The Name's Beauvillain... Samantha Beauvillain

December 1, 2017


One of the best things about this job is you get to meet amazing people. Samantha Beauvillain is certainly one of them! She has degrees in quantum mechanics, she’s an actress, model and entrepreneur, but on top of this she’s an active and talented game streamer. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is her poison and she is a force to be reckoned with!


We met for coffee, hit it off instantly and talked for hours. She gave me valuable insight into a world that is relatively new to me.


It’s easy to get inspired when you work with positive people and I agreed to write theme music for her “Beauvillain” stream, pretty much on the spot. Just when I was thinking this meeting couldn’t be going any better, she invited me to be her plus one to Fnatic’s HQ Launch in London. I thought it would be a great place to network but ultimately we just got wrecked. Those guys know how to party!


Once the dust had settled it was time to work. For something as personal as a stream it’s important to make the music match the person, so I encouraged her to list music that excites her, but also how she would like her music to feel to the listener.


One thing that stood out was her love of the Goldeneye film soundtrack. It’s dark, sexy and mysterious – perfect qualities for a Beauvillain theme! Following a brainstorm with my team we thought we would go even further and write Samantha her own Bond theme. Beauvillain would be a cool name for a Bond film in its own right.


Putting this track together was a lot of fun. We beat-matched to Goldeneye’s tempo and drum sounds quite closely, only swapping the ride cymbal with a triangle that I recorded live. We also wanted to throw a little nod to the classic N64 Goldeneye soundtrack in this as well, so we had to create some echoey ‘gong’ sounds! We achieved this with a baking tray and loads of delay.



We then started playing around with strings until we found some satisfying chord progressions. Once these were locked down, I was then able to write melodies and counter melodies for the brass and guitar sections. I’m particularly pleased with my live guitar takes. I was able to use a Gibson Les Paul with loads of gain, enabling me to achieve maximum amounts of sustain.


After that it was just a case of adding detail, like crystalline glockenspiel effects, pizzicato strings, variety to the drum tracks, and then giving the whole thing a good old mix and master.




It’s very hard to write Bond music without directly ripping off Bond music! However I think we did a great job that’s bang on brief, and most importantly, the client loves it as well!


I hope to work with Samantha on other projects in the future. I am already seeking her advice regarding my own streaming adventure, so i'm sure her name will pop up again. Watch this space!


If you wish to hire me for my services, could you do worse than have a look HERE.


What do you think of the track? Let me know!

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