Why I Love Networking

February 27, 2018



One of my favourite things about running my own business is the networking side of it. To get clients, I need to find clients!


I’m very new to networking and there’s right ways and wrong ways to do it. I’m fully convinced I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing half the time, but what I’ve learned in Wob Wob Rob’s formative period is this - if you are forming a business, tell absolutely everyone about your business.


As long as you are absolutely passionate about what you do you’ll find that people will want to learn more about it. I would also add that it helps to be interested in everything the people around you are doing as well. I’ve found that when you find likeminded people who have a passion and drive for what they are doing is hugely inspiring. Surrounding yourself with people like this a brilliantly way of finding motivation, support and inspiration for your own projects.


Going out, putting yourself out there and forming friendships is good for the soul anyway. If you’ve told them about what you do as well, there’s a good chance they might tell someone else for you. Everyone I meet knows that I compose computer game music. They may have even heard some of it as well! The number times this leads to someone saying “Oh Rob, you’ve got to speak to this guy!” or “Rob, this girl runs a studio, give her a message!” makes it absolutely worthwhile.


In my short time operating I’ve come across some examples of this that I’d like to share.


My first ever client was a chap called Ali Lennon. I did the music for his Dungeon of the Dark and Gakugo World projects, but the first time I ever met him was on a bus!


I was happily playing my 3DS when I looked up and saw a stranger eagerly looking at me holding up his own 3DS! Naturally we got chatting and began a 2 player game, which any self respecting 3DS owner should do every time! Turns out he was a game design student at our local college, but we mainly talked about Nintendo and the imminent release of the Switch.

The moment I set up shop for game music composing Ali was the first person I called, and sure enough he was happy to begin working with me straight away. I hope to continue working with him throughout the life of Wob Wob Rob, or at the very least geek off about Nintendo with him forever!

One of my good friends Carmen Lavallae works in fashion (check out her shop!) and was one of the first people I told about my new business. Now Carmen is by no means a gamer, but she still took the time to tell her friend Samantha about me, adding she may have a game she needs music for. She pretty much insisted we get in contact. This illustrates how simply telling people about what you do can immediately lead to useful contacts.


It turns out my meeting was with Samantha Beauvillain, streamer and Counterstrike goddess! Not only was this meeting hugely productive (I ended up doing some music for her channel), but it also created loads of other rad things, the highlight being a +1 to Fnatic’s London HQ launch party!


This day also marks an entire shift in what my business was about and what I wanted to achieve. I’d never considered doing anything else other than music composition, but if I now make it as a successful streamer, I’m sure she will tell you “she called it!”

More recently, in a classic tale of the universe speaking to one and all, my good mate Jaguar Snakes was talking to some of his friends at an open mic night in Southend. They are computer game design students and Snakes was literally telling them that they should speak to Rob Glenister about potential sound opportunities when I walked into the very same pub! I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction!

 It turns out Southend is full of talented and big thinking designers. One member of this intrepid party was James Lester. If you visit his website I challenge you not to be impressed by the sheer weight of his work. What a prolific chap! I recently secured my first piece of work with him. I won’t reveal anything right now, but I’m very excited to help him realise his vision. Watch this space!

Would you like to network with me? I hope so because you know I love it! You can contact me directly here.

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