Threats - G-Twin

September 24, 2018

I collaborated with my twin brother Mikey Glenister for an electronic project called G-Twin, an we created a track called 'Threats'. While this project did not materialise into the long term EDM odyssey we envisaged, we are still very pleased with this offering.

We took inspiration from classical pianist Claude Debussey and sampled his piece Sarabande Pour Le Piano. 

This hypnotic piece provided a lot to work from and we had to be really careful not to take too much and make our arrangement too busy. The biggest initial challenge was quantising the main piano line into a workable 6 4 time signature. Once we got this locked down we were able to cut this into sections. We ended up changing the whole structure of the melody. 


Then came the two fun bits – building the beat and cramming this puppy full of mad synths! We wanted to marry an aggressive dubstep style with a clean and crisp overall feel. As is often the case we had be strict with ourselves and try not to have too many conflicting elements. Normally when I work I like to have no more than four elements competing at any one time, giving the melody in specific situations space to breathe. This also makes it much quicker and easier to balance and mix.

With this track it was important to maintain the drama of the movement, dips and swells within the dynamics. We were able to strike up a perfect balance over the course two to three days of messing about!


Ultimately this piece shows off what I can bring to the table when it comes to electronic music. I love working in all styles and will hopefully do more like this soon.


If you would like to use this track for any of your projects, or would like something brand new created in the same vein, get in touch!

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