Terraria (Wii U) - Review

January 25, 2018


One day I was looking through the Wii U lineup for a new game to buy. While I like my Wii U, I was massively disappointed by the sheer lack of new games. Third parties also seemed to give this system a wide birth, so inevitably I found myself scouring through the independent releases in the hope of finding anything at all to inspire me.


Terraria immediately piqued my interest. A 2D Minecraft that plays like a SNES platformer? Yes please!

I dived in expecting a fun adventure style romp that would provide a quick distraction for myself. You can imagine my delight when what I actually found was humongous game with an ever expanding depth that reveals itself with every hour invested.


The gameplay is reminiscent of Minecraft in the sense that you must chip away at the landscape to gather wood, stone, metals, etc. then construct houses to protect yourself from enemies, level up your tools to dig deeper and power up your weapons to tackle stronger enemies.


Like any game that involves a crafting system it’s easy to fall into the trap of looking at guides that reveal the combinations of materials you need to progress. I would highly recommend not doing this! So much of the joy I received from playing this game came from the surprises the huge worlds through at me, and working out the crafting system for myself. A good example of this was once I managed to craft a loom and spin some silk from the cobwebs in the lower regions of the game (the spiders are horrible by the way!), I was finally able to gift myself some bedsheets!


The bubble that is your base you set up will begin modestly enough, with a simple hut and the bare essentials to craft. You will be trapped by areas you cannot penetrate or highly powered enemies and bosses you simply will simply wipe you out. Investing the hours will expand your reach and it’s hugely rewarding. By the end of your journey you’ll be taking on the evils of hell, flying into the sky an tackling angels of death, then returning home to your luxurious palace with bathrooms, paintings and treasures!


Like Minecraft, the scale and complexity of your creations is only limited by your imagination. So often I would load up my game with the honest intention of progressing through the game, but then found myself investing hours on making home look as majestic as possible!


I can’t recommend this game enough, and I guarantee I will be generating some exciting content within Terraria’s beautiful world.

Do you love Terraria as much as me? Wanna play online in my world? Let me know and add me up on PSN where I'm playing it right now!

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