SNES Games that Need Some Love!

December 1, 2017










The SNES is arguably my favourite console of all time, boasting an absolutely killer line up of classic titles. However there are many brilliant games that get overlooked for a few reasons.


1) There are over 700 SNES games

That's a lot of bloody games! When you add that to the number of new releases on your newer consoles and any multiplayer titles you're grinding, you can only really pick a few key titles or you would never find the time to play them!


2) Nintendo can only port so many games

While Nintendo are great at porting their own titles to their new systems (Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, etc.), it's a lot trickier for third party titles. This means you miss out on games from the likes of Disney, and also some studios that no longer operate any more. Playing these requires different kinds of emulation, or tracking down expensive SNES original cartridges.


3) The same games appear on 'Top SNES Games' lists

It makes sense that if you've never played SNES games before, you want to find the best the system has to offer. Some of the best games of all time feature in these lists. Nintendo have some genre defining entries featuring their mascots, and if you start looking at some of the RPGs available you are going to be investing some SERIOUS hours before you start looking at other titles.


To try and redress the balance, here are my top 5 SNES games that deserve your love, if you find the time of course! It's Wob Wob Rob Top 5 time...



Plok is one of the most colourful and unique looking platformers on the SNES. As a kind of precursor to Rayman, you fire Plok's arms and legs at hordes of enemies. It's tough as nails and is definitely something I will try and do a playthrough of on my stream.



Because of the sheer number of amazing RPGs on the SNES, it's easy to see why some might get overlooked. Do not overlook Illusion of Time (or Illusion of Gaia for my overseas friends). The action is great, but it's the soaring, global story that really sinks its teeth into you and claws at your heartstrings.



You're spoilt for choice for great Disney games on the SNES (Mickey Mania, Magical Quest, Lion King, Aladdin, etc.) however Goof Troop shines as a fun and challenging little puzzle action. It's also mega fun when you do it two player!



Unirally (or Uniracers for you non Brits!) is like nothing else on the SNES. You hurtle around sparse sprawling tracks at lightning speed, whilst simultaneously performing the gnarliest stunts you can. To me it's like a cross between F-Zero and Tony Hawks in 2D form. It's such a shame that Pixar got funny about the design of the characters because it would have been incredible to see how a series like this would develop.




 Shares the Tetris name but that's about it! Saying that if I had to choose between Tetris Attack and the original I would take this any day. It takes a little while to master the pro strats, but once you get your head round it, you're not putting this down in a long time!


There are loads of other titles that I'm keen to play that I have yet to as well, for example I'm itching to play The Firemen, a rare classic! I would love to build a wonderful collection of SNES games so watch this space for continued coverage of my ever expanding SNES obsession.


What SNES games do you think need more love?

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