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December 1, 2017


The concept of YouTube celebrities is a mad and exciting thing to me. Initially I was baffled at how people talking about stuff seemed to garner millions of views, but as I further immersed myself within gaming communities I found that they actually provide invaluable insight into all aspects of gaming.




There is so much on offer if you only look. It’s hard to pick favourites but the following are some of my favourite Youtube channels. Click their names to sample them for yourself!



I can’t get enough of Dashie! His extreme and brash style may be off-putting initially, but there’s no denying his enthusiasm and his natural ability to improvise hilariously to what he’s playing. He generates a lot of content almost daily, but my favourite videos of his are when he’s losing his mind to ultra-hard Mario Maker levels submitted to him by his loyal fans. His suffering is our gain!



SovietWomble is the leader of a very hilarious and active clan. While they appear to be competent gamers in their own right, the genius of this channel comes from the back and forth between the members, especially between himself and Cyanide . The clever editing of each video adds to the humour, and it’s unsurprising that they’ve amassed millions of views.



MarleyThirteen rose to fame with his “Angry Scottish Players Playing COD” videos which boast some of the most amazing in game banter I’ve ever heard.  Further investigation into his channel reveals a thoughtful and witty look back at pretty much everything in the COD universe, and will resonate with anyone who’s invested any amount of time into the series.




Cinnemassacre is the home of the Angry Video Game Nerd, who is something of a phenomenon at this point. He focuses on playing as many terrible retro games as possible and then takes on the futile task of reviewing them critically. What keeps me coming back for more is the charming and unique world he has created which oozes with genuine passion for gaming and all things geeky. There have been many copycats but nothing beats the original and best. If you don’t agree with me, well you’re just a shit load of fuck!


Smooth McGroove

As a game music composer, nothing delights me more than Smooth McGroove’s unbelievable acapella versions of classic gaming tunes. I actually prefer listening to some of these better than the originals! Smooth also has an incredible knowledge of games and provides some enlightening documentaries as well.


If there are any other channels you think we should check out, get in touch!

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