My Rock & Roll History

January 18, 2018

While game music composition is a relatively new venture for me, I have been an active musician all my life. I joined a brass band when I was 10 years old and was lucky enough to stick with this for nearly 15 years. This puts me in a unique position where I can provide live brass to any of my projects which is useful because recreating this sound digitally is notoriously difficult! My weapon of choice is tuba, but 17 year old me decided that if I learnt guitar I would stand a better chance with the ladies!

I have been lucky to be involved with around 20 bands in my life so far, all with varying degrees of success! Below I will outline some of my favourite projects.




Gozer was the first band I ever formed at school with fellow slacker and Wob Wob Rob team member Pete Sperring. Pete is an astonishingly good guitarist and we made some fantastic tunes over the 5 year period we were active. We were inspired by bands like Muse, Ash, Jeff Buckley and Radiohead.














When I moved to London, I often went to wild parties with some crazy characters. One such night my friend Bradley stood up and declared “I’ve had an amazing idea!” then left the party. 2 hours later he returned with a tape of a guitar riff he had recorded. It was fantastic, and forgetting I had never played drums in my life proceeded to ask him if he needed a drummer and to give me a call. Fast forward a couple of months and I was their full time drummer! We had a whirlwind of adventures, getting signed and even supporting The Horrors at their infamous 100 Club gig.

















This was the first band I ever fronted. Our drummer was my twin brother (and Wob Wob Rob social media manager!) Mikey Glenister. Mikey had always wanted to do a band with me, so much so that he booked our first gig before we had written any songs, found a bassist or even had a band name! This proved to be a fun band, even getting played on BBC Radio 6 and BBC Introducing with our first demo submission.












Exiles was an incredible experience for me, fronted by Southend genius Longy (check out his band Longy and the Gospel Trash). This grungy trashy pop is exactly the kind of music I love to listen to and create. Inevitably the scope of Longy’s ideas couldn’t be supported by the Exiles vehicle, but this was a wild ride. Definitely check out his new project here.







This is my most recent original band. I have to say I’ve never worked with such party animals in my life and probably never will again! Their lust for life translated into their awesome skills, and we wrote some complex and interesting pop. 


You might see more of our drummer Dean via Wob Wob Rob as he is also interested in streaming this year!





I must give an honourable mention to my current band GEEZER. This is my Weezer cover band that we formed at our drummers wedding. It’s the single best idea we’ve ever had because I love Weezer and so do all the people at our shows. The highlight of our career so far is being supported at our Brighton show by a burlesque artist while we smashed out ‘Getchoo’. I can honestly say I didn’t know where to look!




For now, I think I have finally let go of my dream of being a part of a world famous band, but for nearly 15 years I have worked with amazing musicians, written some fantastic songs and gained valuable experience which I can feed directly into Wob Wob Rob. But….never say never….

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