My Road To (Red Dead) Redemption

February 22, 2018

Red Dead Redemption II has an official release date – Friday 26th October. It is my intention to hit the ground running and cover this game immediately when it drops!


I intend to 100% complete the game, secure all trophies and massively explore all of the varied online modes.


As I’m new to streaming, I have yet to cover any game that hasn’t already got a big presence. The most popular games on Twitch have so many people playing that it would be pretty hard to get traffic to my humble little Twitch feed.

To counter this I have decided to do something BIG for when Rockstar’s most anticipated release drops. I’m going to attempt a marathon four day stream from the release date! That means I will attempt to play Red Dead Redemption II over a massive 96 hour period!


Now I'm not going to try and pull a Ryan Lenk here and play with no sleep! I am going to enlist the help of my good friends to help with proceedings, including fellow streamer/musician/nerd Jaguar Snakes and my twin brother Mikey. I also intend to host a series of parties which should be visible in the background, and maybe even interactive! Throughout the daytime, I will also be looking to do two player sessions where I do one on one chats with people I know who have a passion about music, gaming or both! Realistically we will probably need to take some breaks, but we'll definitely give it our best shot. At the very least we will be doing a stream every day from 26-29th October.

The main reason I wish to do all of this is to see if covering a game from day one of its release is beneficial for up and coming streamers looking to make an impression on this competitive little world. I’m going to be able to gather the data and report my findings.


Now it’s only February as I write, so I have plenty of time to work out how I’m going to do this!

It could all be a complete disaster of course, but it will hopefully generate a lot of content. Or at the very least, a massive hangover!

 Would you to be a part of this? What would like to see in the stream? Let me know, and add me up on Twitch to get a head start!

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