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December 28, 2017


In my quest to build my composition portfolio, I am always looking for unique and interesting projects to work on. My speciality is providing full music scoring and audio design for games and applications, but following my work with Samantha Beauvillain, I’m also keen to work with game streamers and video content creators.


What I can provide for you is original music for your channel or stream. Before you decide whether you can justify this expense, it’s worth considering the many benefits to having something specifically crafted for you.


When you own your music, it’s yours! You don’t have to pay license fees to use it, you don’t have to pay royalties and you don’t have to gain permission. This gives you the freedom to pour your focus into the content you are creating.


If I make your music for you, all I would retain is the right to showcase my portfolio which would link to your work. Free advertising! Yayy!


You can use music that is already copyrighted, but this comes with its own drawbacks. I have written about this before so definitely have a read of this.


If you want to find success in streaming games or creating video, you will need to compete for viewers and subscribers. Having good quality original music for yourself builds credibility and adds an extra level of professionalism to your output.


Like most creatives, I live and die by my reputation. This guarantees that any music I create for you is of the highest quality. Not only does this benefit my clients but it also reflects well on me!


One of the challenges faced by streamers when it comes to building their brand is that all they have to work with is their name, their voice, sometimes their face, and that’s it! This can sometimes be enough but there’s no harm in giving your audience something extra.


Success comes from people returning to your channels and you rewarding them for doing so. If you have a cool track that people actually enjoy listening to, you give people further reason to stick around.


When you create anything at all, it’s important to tell the story, shape the narrative and reinforce what you want your audience to feel.


If your online persona is playful and quirky, you might want a playful and quirky piece that reflects this. If you demonstrate amazing gameplay, you might want something hard hitting an impactful like a noisy dubstep smasher. You might need chiptune tracks for when you look at retro titles, or something ambient to sit in the background while you chat to your hordes of Twitch followers.


When I write music for games, I often need to write loops that must not get boring to listen to. Your music will receive the same treatment!


If you have your own music, you will probably be able to chop up and edit the track to fit your needs.


If you have your music done by myself, I will generate individual music files for specific purposes. Some people like a long intro song, but sometimes a better route is to have something that is only a few seconds long to instantly grab someone’s attention. You might need an extended track for trailers, or even something themed around for any Halloween or Christmas videos.


The great thing about our service is that I can do all this for you as and when you need it. Any extras I create for you will be fully mixed and mastered to the same professional level as your original track.

If you would like to see what I can do for you, visit the HIRE ME part of my website. It all starts with a chat so contact me directly as well.

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