Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) - Review

January 2, 2018


Horizon Zero Dawn has given me a huge problem. I have so many games to play, write about and record. My to-do list is obscene! The last thing I need is for one of the most beautiful, epic and unique games ever created to appear on sale in the Playstation Store!


I don’t even have time to formulate a well written review so I’m just going to gush a load of praise about it for a bit, hit save, then go back to playing some more Horizon!


The game places you in a post-apocalyptic world set far in the future. Humanity hasn't fared so well, existing in tribal societies. Meanwhile, formidable mechanical beasts roam the landscapes and pose a genuine threat. They feel like real creatures in a real world, to the point that at times I was half expecting David Attenborough to pop up at start narrating the wonders we were beholding!


The world is so beautifully realized that I often found myself stopping and looking round in awe. It takes a lot to make me stop. Like I said before, I'm a busy man!


The story is rich and laced with mystery. It makes you care about the protagonist Aloy from the off, and its hugely rewarding to watch her develop and get stronger. With strength comes the freedom to further explore this huge world. The more you explore, the more dangerous it becomes.


The genius of Horizon lies in the core gameplay mechanics. You are a forager and a hunter, so you must craft your weapons and ammo on the fly. The mechanical beasts you come across are varied in size a ferocity, and you'd better have a game plan before you try and take them on because if you don't, you will get swamped! Stealthing it through the long grass is essential. Knowledge of traps is essential. Mastery of your weapons is essential. I'm currently playing through on a normal difficulty setting and I am getting my arse handed to me on a regular basis! No death feels unfair however, and it's hugely rewarding taking on herds of beasts you would have normally had to sneak by previously as you improve.


I could go on, but the main reason I keep coming back for more is the beautiful graphics. I mean look at this!

 And this!

 And come on, this as well!

 Just looking at these makes me want to abandon writing and play it again immediately, so I'm gonna do just that!

I am definitely going to talk about the gorgeous soundtrack to this game as well in future posts. I also think this will be the first platinum trophy I obtain in my Trophy Hunter series so expect lots more Horizon content this year.

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