#1 Aurora's Theme - CHILD OF LIGHT

December 15, 2017

In this ongoing series of posts, I will discuss my all time favourite game music. These won't be in any particular order, I'm happy enough just picking the game I feel like writing about!


First up is "Aurora's Theme" from Child of Light. This soundtrack was written by Canadian artist Coeur De Pirate, and her haunting piano pop lends itself perfectly to this project.


The game follows the story of Aurora, a princess who seemingly dies in her sleep and wakes up in the strange and unsettling world of Lemuria.


When you are dropped into the action, the world feels scary and oppressive. What can a frightened girl possibly do in the face of such peril? The immediate theme feels stark, cold, and reinforces the sense of loneliness your character feels. 


As she progresses through her quest and begins to understand her situation, the same theme's role adapts with her and begins to provide an important sense of comfort. Aurora needs to be brave and as Aurora gets stronger, the theme almost fills you with the courage to battle the unknown.


On your quest you meet a variety of strange and fantastical characters who become your allies. What you fast learn is that even though they are inhabitants of this strange world, they all have their own fears just like you. The genius thing about Aurora's Theme is that she plays this melody directly to the characters, filling the characters with the same comfort that the melody gave yourself. The whole thing is very smooth and organic, and is very clever indeed.


As a whole, Child of Light's soundtrack is a beautifully crafted and heartwarming thing, much like every element of the game itself. However, Aurora's Theme is the standout track, instantly forging a connection between you and your character, and therefore the story.

What are your favourite tracks of all time? As always, let me know in the comments!

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