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February 8, 2018


I am brand new to the streaming sphere and I’m looking to ramp up my content creation over the next year. Unfortunately this is not the kind of thing I can create overnight! There has to be a period of experimenting while I learn the skills and develop my  voice. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have super active Twitch and YouTube channels, brimming with amazing content.


While I may not have any actual videos to show you initially, I can outline exactly what I’m working on at the moment.


‘The Last Trophy’

I recently purchased a PS4 and one of my immediate ideas was to unlock every trophy in as many games as possible. I will be creating a series of videos that focuses on my attempt to collect the very last one of each game. In my experience the last trophies can be soul destroying and I’m happy to provide a window into the inevitable emotional breakdowns this will lead to!


The great thing about this series is that it will cover a wide variety of different games. It should improve my skill as a gamer as I push these titles to their limits.



I don’t know anyone who loves Terraria as much as me except for one Robin Alexander, a fine chap I used to work with. We are working on beating easy and hard modes, as well as building a wonderful home together!


One of key components of our relationship is his love of winding me up. I seem to bite every time! In these videos you will see us working towards our common goal of beating the game, but also arguing and trying to screw each other over at any given opportunity. It should be hilarious and will also test my video editing skills to the max.



I’m a relatively new Minecraft player. I’ve never dabbled for more than a couple of hours at any time, but I’ve always wanted to explore its hidden depths.


For these videos and streams I am playing with Taylor Paterson, a man who knows enough about this universe to guide me, but is also easily distracted enough to start doing random stuff off the beaten track. At a recent meal I had with him, he proudly boasted that he walked in a straight line for about an hour because he really wanted to find a cactus! This should be a nice surreal adventure in which we work out what our objectives are are as we progress.


Monster Busters: Hexa Blast

I’m currently trying to complete all levels on this game with the highest level of stars, and successfully completing all the Hero Challenges. You do not need to do this to progress, but I do like giving myself challenges. It’s probably the one game I’m genuinely good at!


I’ll be trying to give expert commentary about advanced strats for beating this game.  This might have a pretty niche appeal - it's not the kind of content I would look for! However I’m keen to try as many different things as possible in order to keep my content fresh, and I think it would be a good way to practice my editing and presenting skills.


I have no idea if these videos Who knows, these could be my most successful videos!



Myself and Mikey Glenister will tackle as many local multiplayer games as we can!


We plan to settle a lifetime debate once and for all: who is the best Streetfighter II player of all time? Just like when we were kids, we will play as many games as it takes for one of us to hit ten wins, then we will repeat this for all of time! We’ll set parameters such as randomly selecting characters, or only matching your opponent’s choice of fighter.


I'm also keen to celebrate the joy that is split screen multiplayer, and 2 player co-op. First game we'd like to tackle is Portal 2, which has a unique co-op quest separate from the amazing single player campaign. The plan is to dive in and try and solve it together.


If you have any ideas for great local multiplayer games you'd like us to play I would be most interested!


Original MusiC

I am still going to be active within the game music composition scene, and will take this opportunity to show off my creations. Stuff like THIS and THIS! I would love to make some videos that give you insight into my creative process. Plus it's fun to mess around in a music studio so hopefully it would be entertaining as well.


General Streaming

As I build my audience I’m going to try and regularly play at a set time every week and stream it. I will play all sorts of titles, but I think I’ll mainly focus on PC games in order to improve my mouse and keyboard skills. I’ve only ever been a console man, but I would love to join in on games like PUBG and Counter-Strike. If I can’t find anyone to play with I’ve got a lot of PS4 games to 100% so there will be plenty I can talk about.

This is a daunting amount of work to undertake, but nothing worth doing is easy! If there is anything specific you would like me to try my hand at, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


I appreciate all help I can get with this, especially in terms of subscribers. It all helps, so like all my videos, share them and above all subscribe! What would you like to see me play? Let me know!

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