My Brand New PS4!

December 6, 2017



I have finally bought a PS4! I have always been a Nintendo man and I can’t see that changing any time soon, but as I branch out into the crazy world of streaming and YouTubing, I feel it’s time to pop my Playstation cherry.


For those interested, on Black Friday I picked up the following from GAME:


- PS4 Slim (in black)

- Call of Duty: World War II

- Grand Theft Auto V

- Gran Turismo Sport

- 2nd controller (in a rather fetching red!)



The whole thing came to £268.02. I might have been able to get a better deal if I searched online, but to be honest I'm very lazy and was happy just to take the whole bundle home and plug it in!


One thing that I think Nintendo are missing a trick on when compared to Microsoft and Sony is a satisfying achievements system. I am a completionist and take great joy in 100 percenting a game. An achievement system simply increases what 100% means, and therefore increases the longevity of the experience.


PS4 has a trophy system that not only rates the challenge difficulty, but also shows how rare the trophies are. It might just be a game that hardly anyone plays and this increases the rarity.


For upcoming videos, I will focus on getting the very last trophy of each game I play. Invariably it they will drive me a bit insane, and if it’s one thing I’ve learnt from my favourite Youtube channels is that a gamer's stress is highly entertaining, so I’m happy to share these mini breakdowns with you all!


I'm also going to do a little blog update, maybe once a month, to discuss what trophies I'm working on and in which games.


If you want to add me up on PSN, my name is wobwobrob . What games should I be playing right now? Let me know!

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